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Then & Now

Founded in 2014, The Phoenix Voices is passionately committed to affordable and accessible music-making throughout the Yeovil community and beyond!  Whether that's the thrill of learning new music in the rehearsal room, showing even the least confident or inexperienced singers the secrets of unlocking their musicianship or making a difference out in the community we love what we do!  We're a zero-pressure choir, with no auditions (except for solo opportunities), no minimum rehearsal policies and no mandatory events - even our concerts are optional!  When we do perform though, we have a live session orchestra band to accompany us at every main event, carefully crafting the ultimate choral experience both for our members and our audiences!


We meet at Holy Trinity Church and Community Centre on Lysander Road, Yeovil on a Tuesday evening, 7:30-9pm, which is also our home base for concerts...but we also love performing on the Octagon stage, combatting social isolation in care homes by delivering accessible singing workshops there and flash mobbing local supermarkets and the town centre; not withstanding the occasional wedding, funeral, school fete or party.

Join us on our vibrant musical journey. Contact us for more information, to find out where we’ll be performing next or what you can do to get involved.  We accept every person who comes through the door, no matter what your level of experience - whether you've done three tours with the LSC, sing spectacularly or claim not to!

The first rehearsal is free, then £5 thereafter on a pay-as-you-go basis, with discounts offered for bulk payments, families and friends and concession rates for anyone on low income or receiving benefits.

This is Phoenix 2023: let's rock.

Join us.

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