Then & Now

Founded in 2014, The Phoenix Voices is passionately committed to inspiring and enlightening audiences with some of the most commanding voices in choral music. The ensemble has experience performing at numerous venues and events in the Yeovil area and beyond.

The Phoenix Voices embodies the choir spirit and invites you to join them on their vibrant musical journey. Contact the choir for more information, to find out where they’ll be performing next or what you can do to get involved.  The choir accept every person who comes through the door without audition and creates singers and musicians in their own right!

Raising money for their community work, the choir seek to combat social isolation in the elderly and stigma and isolation faced by those living with mental ill-health through music, either in performance or recruitment.

In 2016, the Phoenix Session Orchestra was founded and now the choir enjoy the privilege of a live orchestra and band for every main concert.

This is Phoenix: the ultimate choral experience.