Lucy Callen


Lucy is a composer, conductor and instrumentalist. She is currently involved in projects with The Phoenix Voices (as part of Sound and Music’s 2020/21 ‘Adopt a Music Creator’ scheme), Septura, and the London Sinfonietta, alongside her Masters in Composition and Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music, where she was accepted on a full-fees audition scholarship.

Lucy likes to draw on influences from medieval material and folksong, especially when working with voice, one of her particular areas of interest. She completed her song-cycle Sisters (soprano, alto, piano) with librettist and actor, Dylan Read in 2019, and she is now beginning work on a new operatic work My Brother Died This Morning with Kathleen Nic Dhiarmada (soprano) and Patrick Keefe (baritone).

Lucy is a classically trained pianist (which she started studying aged 4) and flautist (since aged 11) and she finds it important as a composer to collaborate closely with musicians, often building her music through aleatoric devices. Many of her works have been created from being a member of the ensemble herself. Lucy sings with Deep Throat Choir and regularly collaborates as an accordionist with CoMA London Ensemble. Lucy runs her own New Music ensemble, which recently premiered her piece ‘Maddie at the Fair’, alongside her other conducting post as assistant conductor of Horsham Symphony Orchestra.

Lucy has a background in languages, having studied her Bachelor’s in Arabic and Spanish at the University of Edinburgh. She is also fluent in French and German. It was not until 2019 that Lucy made music her full focus.

Lucy has since that switch in 2019 had her music performed by Tom Poster’s Chamber Collective at Cheltenham Music Festival - Pipit’s Kaleidoscope (piano, cello, violin); Mad Song Ensemble at Aberystwyth Music Festival Circus - Remains (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion); Metapraxis Ensemble at Clapham Omnibus Theatre - Many a Sweet Dream (soprano, flute, violin, piano); CoMA London Ensemble at St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch - Took her (open score); Grace Shih, Love’s Creature Wakes (alto recorder), Lucy Humphris, Sloth’s Dirge (trumpet); and Gryte Navardauskaite and Ray Rafols Seven Bells (accordion, violin).