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Once upon a time some genius out there first came up with the idea of turning much-loved stories into films that people around the world – whatever their age, ethnicity or background – could enjoy, and are now able to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.

On the night of Saturday 22nd October, Phoenix Voices are proud to be hosting an evening where we will celebrate the joy and sense of unity that films bring people, by singing a motley collection of songs in our Movie Night Concert. Phoenix will also have the pleasure of being accompanied by a live 38-piece session orchestra.


During the concert, the choir will take the audience on a voyage of discovery: we shall visit Aladdin in his Arabian city of Agraba; chill out with Baloo in his tropical jungle; travel into outer-space, where Darth Vader resides, before crash-landing in Chicago, Illinois, to ‘shake a tail feather’ with the Blues Brothers. We’ll also join James Bond on his latest mission, party with Sandy and Danny in Delaware County, and, after many more stops, return to good old England where we pay tribute to the dearly parted Queen in our own special way, by singing some of the rock legends’ most well-known songs, as they did during the Jubilee celebrations a few months ago…

We are currently living through difficult times. The world is still recovering from the pandemic, families and businesses alike are struggling to pay their energy bills, many are suffering from social isolation, and the war still rages in Ukraine. It’s now more important than ever to bring the community together for a night of feel-good songs from some of our most loved films.

So, grab a fizzy drink and a bag of popcorn, sit back, relax and join us for the ride!

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