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Co-op Local Community Fund

The Phoenix Voices have once again been lucky enough to be chosen as one of the groups to benefit from Co-op's Local Community Fund! By choosing to support the local choir, Phoenix Voices, You will help us provide 6 weekly choral workshops, leading up to a Christmas concert to patients that are experiencing life limiting conditions who are receiving palliative care at the Sunflower Centre, St Margaret's Hospice, Yeovil. By choosing personally meaningful songs, our aim would be to evoke enjoyable reminiscences. It has been highlighted to us that these patients can feel "written off" and we would love the opportunity to give them a valuable new experience and boost their confidence and self esteem, through the power of singing together. The Christmas concert will involve the participation of the patients and the attendance of their relatives. DVDs of the concert will be produced and given to patients and their relatives thereby providing a lasting memory for them and their loved ones. Please choose Phoenix Voices, for your donation! 🎶 If you're not already a Co-op member, but do use the Co-op, please consider joining in order to support us! The more members choose us as theiras their Local Cause, the more funding the Co-op will provide! It'll cost £1 to join, but it's well worth it! For more info, the Phoenix Voices Causes page can be found here:

Co-op are also giving away over £500,000 worth of prizes this year, and you could win a slice of it!

"Every month, £500 is up for grabs for yourself and £5000 for your chosen Local Community Fund cause. To be in with a chance of winning this mega prize for yourself and your community, you need to start by choosing your Local Communiy Fund cause now!"

If you win, The Phoenix Voices wins too - and entering is simple!

Choose us as your Local Community Fund cause, shop and swipe your membership card at any Blue Co-op and you'll be entered into the prize draw. Find out more at

If you don't already have a Blue Co-op card, or haven't chosen a Local Community Fund, please do consider choosing The Phoenix Voices! The more customers supproting a Local Community Fund, the more money that Fund will recieve!

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