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Finance Team

Julia Cook - Treasurer


Lynne Rockey

Having moved here from Dorset, I found it really difficult to get to know people locally particularly as my work was focussed across Dorset where I had grown up, lived and worked for so very many years.  I have always loved music and singing, but only through solo performances within my own four walls or in the car.  Music changes my mood for the better and motivates me every day.


When I discoved Phoenix Voices it sounded exactly what I needed, somewhere to meet people and to learn more about singing.  It took me a few months to build up the courage to attend, particularly with no formal skills since school (many years ago).  I am so glad I did! I was made extremely welcome, and it helped me feel I belonged in this new town / county.  


I am very happy to give some of my time to support the choir and have joined the Finance team to share some of the skills and knowledge I have gained within my day job and hope I can be of some help.


Having now taken part in a few concerts and performances, I have found I have thoroughly enjoyed every one (even those trickier pieces) and it is very hard to pick a favourite, but I think at the moment we all need a little feel good factor, so I would pick the Queen medley from our last concert.  It was so much fun and uplifted everyone's spirits, little did we know how much we would need that in the year that was to follow.


One interesting fact... That's a tricky one.  I still have all my LP's and singles from my teenage years, including The Bay City Rollers and some even more guilty pleasures that shall not be named and I am a huge David Essex fan! Luckily I enjoy all music and happily sing along all the time (as my family will all confirm!)

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