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Librarian Team

Gail Beaver


My name is Gail Beaver and I am delighted to be Chair of this wonderful choir! Having stopped being a Child Clinical Psychologist in South East London some years ago, I retrieved my passion for singing and now am a Sop 2. I’ve been told that a bit of cockney can creep in from time to time when singing certain vowels so perhaps I’ve brought some London with me!!  

As Chair, however, I’m immensely proud of the choir we have become and the warm and friendly atmosphere we have created together, as well as our principle of inclusivity; welcoming all abilities of singer and involving all choir members in decision making. 

As well as being Chair, I also lead the Librarian team and I know that I can rely on my team members Liv, Sally and Jane to help me with all the duties required. 

The Business Development Team is also under my leadership.  We are looking for two other choir members to join us and together with Maria and Heather, I am confident we can develop the choir and form productive and mutually beneficial relationships with other agencies. 

My favourite piece of repertoire is Les Mis.  It is so powerful and it also enables several budding soloists to take the plunge!  

An interesting personal fact is that when I was 16, I was lead singer for a local band. My one claim to fame was sharing a dressing room with Suzi Quatro at Tavistock Village Hall in the early 70’s where we were the support band! It wasn’t an exclusive experience however.  All her band members and mine were there too!

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