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Anyone can sing!

The most common thing that we hear from new singers is, "In school I was told to mime because I couldn't sing...I would be better off keeping my mouth shut," which to me strikes sadness right into my heart. Without wishing to blow my own trumpet, I'd say that this says more about the teacher than it does the student. As teachers and choirmasters, I believe that if there is a barrier to learning then it's our job to find a way around it. I believe that anyone can sing. I've been training choirs professionally for twelve years this Christmas and so far nobody has proved me wrong. When you think about it, singing in its most basic form is simply a controlled pitching of the voice - achieved by listening and learning to adapt to this instrument that we all carry. Whenever we learn something, a new neural pathway is formed in our brain, which then through practice becomes cemented and this applies whenever we're learning a new singing skill or learning a piece of music.

As a choirmaster, the most exciting thing for me is seeing that look of trepidation transfigured into joy at a first rehearsal - that sudden realisation that somebody has gone through life believing this terrible idea that they can't sing; what a tragedy and a waste of musicianship!!

Joining The Phoenix Voices is an experience like any other and we're determined to show every single person who comes through our doors why we don't need to audition anyone - because we already know that you can sing. And we'll show you how.

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