Choirs Vs Covid

We’re still here, still singing, still thriving!

I don’t think there's anyone who can say they haven’t missed something during the last 6 months. From going to the pub, to days out with the family, gym classes to music lessons, it's safe to say that we all lost something this year. As a choir, the Phoenix Voices has been no different. To go from the buzz of singing our Grease Medley almost perfectly, to being told that we wouldn’t be able to meet again until further notice, we had to scramble to find a way forward. Zoom has been an absolute lifesaver on that front! We might not be able to hear each other singing (the delay is an absolute nightmare!), but being able to see each other on screen, catch up and interact with each other (and most importantly sing, albeit along with Kris and the piano!) has made all the difference.

Having managed to get a handle on the pieces we were rehearsing pre-lockdown, we’ve now started working on a few new pieces, which we will hopefully be able to rehearse and perform with the full choir once lockdown has been lifted some more.

From themed rehearsals to putting together a mini concert, the power of Zoom and modern technology has certainly been a lifeline for the choir! Roll on a time where we can meet in person and all sing together again!

As we’re constantly reminded:

What do Phoenixes do? We rise from the ashes!

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