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Going Live!

We've done it! After almost 7 months of lockdown, the Phoenix Voices staged a socially distanced, covid secure live rehearsal! We started the rehearsal with a couple of pieces that we had almost perfected pre-lockdown in preparation for the Mayor's Variety Show, which should have been held in March. We've kept them on the back burner on Zoom throughout lockdown, and quite honestly, it sounded like the choir had never been apart! We then moved onto a couple of our newer pieces. The first of them, "Somewhere Only We Know", was learnt entirely through our Zoom sessions, without being able to hear each other and only being able to hear Kris and the piano! All things considered, it was a fantastic performance, and just goes to show how talented our Phoenixes are! We are Phoenix 2020:

Versatile, Surviving, Thriving!

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