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Upcoming Concert

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So, it’s June – summertime at last. Mr Blue Sky’s up there, warming our hearts, and the evenings are long and bright.

Summertime: Barbecue Season. Festival Season. Party Season. Often, Wedding Season.

What songs do you associate with party time?

Dancing Queen, maybe? Jailhouse Rock? Don’t Stop Me Now? Walkin’ on Sunshine?


Welcome to parties done the Phoenix way! – we present our Musical Legends Concert!


On the evening of Saturday 1st July, we’ll be singing these songs and so many more!

Hurry down to Holy Trinity Church Hall, Lysander Road: come 7:30pm, we’ll give you:

Life on Mars (David Bowie), The Best (Tina Turner), Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson), Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John), Fix You (Coldplay), With or Without You (U2), Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan/Adele), Say a Little Prayer (Aretha Franklin), Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen), an ABBA medley, a Beatles medley – and the list goes on!


The Phoenix Voices are delighted to be hosting this concert, celebrating these artists who have shaped the landscape of the music that we love, live, breathe and party to in the last 50 years or so.

Dig out your summer party frocks, grab a drink, sit back, relax – or, if you prefer, dance and sing along with us. The choice is entirely yours!

We come equipped with a stellar orchestra to accompany us, Legendary Mocktails in our interval and, at £6 a person (children under 12 are free of charge), with £1 per ticket going to Yeovil Opportunity Group - learn more about their work here -  the night is sure to be a great hit!

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